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Re: App for making invitation cards

On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 11:57:46AM -0600, Kent West wrote:
> I've had my mom running Debian for a couple of years, but she's just 
> doing the minimal stuff of email/web browsing, and is not computer literate.
> Now she wants to create party invitations. Any suggestions as to the 
> best direction to steer her? (Solving some of these issues would really 
> be easier in the Windows world, but I _really_ want to avoid going that 
> route. _Really_!)

I just discoverd Scribus.  Desktop publishing for Linux.
It is a great program.  Similar to MS Publisher.

Description: a free software desktop publishing program
 Scribus is a free software layout program for GNU/Linux similar to a
 couple of proprietary programs from Adobe and Quark.
 Unlike other programs Scribus uses only Type1 fonts of the X-Server.
 Therefore there is no fiddling around with installing extra fonts. For
 this reason the number of fonts is a little bit limited, but you can be
 sure that your monitor shows exactly the same as the printed output is.
 Documentation for this package is available in either French, German or
 English. Please choose your appropriate scribus-doc-XX documentation package.


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