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Re: ye olde upgrade vs. dist-upgrade

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 04:31:25PM +0100, John L. Fjellstad wrote:
> Marc Wilson wrote:
> > Is there a reason to not actually bother reading the man page for apt-get
> > and learning the difference between the two targets?
> Why do you bother answer, when giving the answer makes you so uncomfortable?

I don't know... why do you bother to subscribe to a mailing list, when you
can't be bothered to *read* it before whining about someone else's posting?

Or did you not notice that I *did* define the terms?

Let me guess... you're one of those "special" people who should *never* be
required to do anything heavy, like read for themselves.

 Marc Wilson |     A triangle which has an angle of 135 degrees is
 msw@cox.net |     called an obscene triangle.

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