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KDE3.1 in sid and woody


I am just rebuilding Debian on my Powermac G4 having repartioned to
install sid as the main system but with a "/" partition to run woody as a
fallback (this is my main workstation).

Both installs have worked fine (after a couple of blind alleys) and I've
installed various packages using aptitude (for the first time - it is
friendlier than dselect once you get used to it).  For the last few
hours I've been trying to get KDE 3.1 installed - part of the reason for
trying sid was to avoid backporting. 

Both the sid and woody packages seem to be partially broken.  In sid I'm
using the official mirrors and aptitude reports that packages are
broken.  In woody I'm using http://download.kde.org and the kdebase
package isn't downloading in full.

Has anyone else seen this?  Will these problems resolve if I wait (I've
not used sid before and so I'm unfamiliar with how quickly these things
get fixed).  I looked at the developer archives but couldn't see
anything relating to this.



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