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Re: IP addresses.

"Geoff Bagley" <geoff.bagley@btopenworld.com> writes:

> My firewall captures the IP addresses of people who "ping" my TCP
> ports.  They consist of the standard four eight-bit integers.  The
> firewall "whois" command is able to back-track some of these, others
> not.
> Is there a programme, Linux or Windows, or a Web Site, where I can
> look up such numbers, and convert them to normal internet addresses
> ?

Those *are* normal internet (IPv4) addresses.  Do you mean you want to
reverse-resolve these into hostnames?  Any standard DNS tool (probably
either 'host' or 'dig', depending on how much information you want)
can do this.  Of course, there's no guarantee any particular IP
address will reverse-resolve.

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