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Re: Is resolv.conf essential?

Am Fr, den 05.12.2003 schrieb Anthony Campbell um 14:58:
> According to the man page for resolv.conf it is not supposed to be
> necesssary on a properly configured system. However I can't connect to
> my dialup ISP without it. This creates problems when I use a different
> ISP.
> What needs to be configured to make it unnecessary?

Just a wild guess:
How do you connect to the 'net? pon/poff or wvdial or ...?
I always use pon/poff, and it seems that a script takes resolv.conf,
copies it to resolv.conf.bak (or something alike), copies your
/etc/ppp/resolv/provider to /etc/resolv.conf, and after poff it is
removed and the original file is restored. Maybe this mechanism only
works if /etc/resolv.conf is present?


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