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Re: icewm log out problem.

scripsit Shawn Lamson:
> When you press CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE do you get the logout selection box
> or does it just kill he xsession immediately?  You should get a six
> option box.  If it is just killing X then you may need to add the
> Option "DontZap" to XF86Config-4 in the server or monitor section...
> see the manpage for XF86Config-4 for details.

CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE _should_ kill X...  In IceWM, CTRL+ALT+DEL gives you
the six-option dialog box, as in WinNT 4, from which this feature is

('course with my somewhat glitchy XFree86 4.3 experimental,
CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE doesn't do anything at all, nor do VTs work, but
that's a different story altogether...)

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Thanasis Kinias
tkinias at asu.edu
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Arizona State University
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