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Re: Pinning question

On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 09:47, Rich B wrote:
> One of my servers is running stable, but I've added Unstable to my 
> /etc/apt/sources file, and in /etc/apt/preferences I put:

[snip pinned stable,testing and unstable]

Before you go down this road, be aware that pinning is almost certainly
a bad idea especially if you are running stable. Here's why:

Almost all C programs in unstable will be linked against a newer libc -
so you will replace your well-tested libc with one that is quite
possibly buggy, and which may not work well with all the other software
on your system.

The C++ abi has changed between woody and sarge, so any c++ apps are
likely to break in exciting and interesting ways.

My suggestion to you is to determine exactly what you are trying to
solve with pinning, and then solve it by either backporting (or using
existing backports from backports.org or apt-get.org) or just switching
to unstable instead.

here's an interesting thread on debian-devel that talks about this
Mark Roach

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