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Re: Sound problems


* nemesisdivina@gennux.ca <nemesisdivina@gennux.ca> [031204 18:03]:
> Greetings:
> I kinda wondering what happen with my sound, the thing is that whenever
> I'm logged in as root the soun server work with out problem, but if I log
> off and login as a regular user the sound desapear, and I end up with no
> sound.

Sounds like you need to add yourself to the audio group. man vigr, or
use one off the command line tools that I'm sure others on the list will

> Besides, did debian use the same policy as redhat did regarding mp3 files,
> cuz  every time I try to listen to an mp3 files it hang xmms.

What policy would that be? My guess is that you need to configure or
install one of the xmms plugins. Can you play mp3 files with other
programs. eg mpg321?



Debian testing/unstable
Linux twofish 2.6.0-test11-looxt93c1 i686 GNU/Linux

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