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I have just received a copy of the new variant of the Mimail worm.
Would anyone like a free sample?
As new condition.
I haven't even clicked the attachment.
Going cheap.
Information on the Sophos website concerning the followup message if you
don't reply to the initial one.
Have copied and pasted the main message in all its' intellectual glory

Hi Greg its Wendy. 
I was shocked, when I found out that it wasn't you but
your twin brother, that's amazing, you're as like as two 
peas. No
one in  bed is better than you Greg. I remember, I remember 
very well, that promised you to tell how it was, I'll
give you a call today after 9. He took my skirt off, then my
panties, then my bra, he sucked my tits, with the same fury 
you do it.
He was writing alphabet on my pussy for 20 minutes, then 
stopped, put me in doggy style position and stuck his
dagger.But Greg, why didn't you warn me that his dick is 15
inches long? I was struck, we fucked whole night. I'm so
thankful to you, for acquainted me to your brother. I think 
we can do it on 
the next Saturday all three together? What do you think? O 
as you wanted I've made a few pictures check them out in 
archive, I hope they will excite you, and you will dream
of our new meeting...

			application/x-msdownload attachment (wendy.exe)



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