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Re: Kernel upgrade time

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 06:54:54AM +0800, David Palmer. wrote:

> This is just the manifestation of a career CIA mentality torturing
> itself.

George H.W. Bush was CIA director under Gerald Ford.  Rummey was 
Secretary of defense.  This was after Watergate and all the old CIA guys 
got fired.

By the way, those guys then formed "The Company" and started getting 
funding for blackops by smuggling cocaine in through South America.  
That's how we got involved in Central America in the 1980's, and it's 
the primary reason coke was so popular (ironic, since Pepsi was at that 
time a front company for the CIA).

Richard Nixon was a lawyer for the Pepsi-cola company and flew out of 
Dallas as a lawyer for Pepsi the day Kennedy was shot.  Before the CIA 
switched to pushing cocaine, their primary source of income was Heroin, 
shipped into Miami via the Mafia.  We flew rice into Laos during the 
Vietman war so the farmers could free up their land to grow poppies.  
The opium was refined into heroin at a Pepsi plant in Laos, and then 
into Miami.

The primary purpose of blackops funding was assisnating Eastern european 
leaders and various murderous acts.  The human body holds about five 
gallons of blood.  A swimming pool holds about 25,000 gallons of fluid.  
Most of our coups and overthrows were small, just one or two swimming 
pools.  Some of the things we did filled up a dozen pools (mostly in 
Southeast Asia).

All of this came out during the Iran-Contra hearings in the 1980s and 
was documented in the graphic novel "Brought To Light" by Alan Moore, of 
Watchmen and Miracleman fame.

If you're going to bitch, don't be boring.

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