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Re: Changes made to /etc/ioctl.save follow

In article <[🔎] 20031203050652.GA5708@oliverfuchs.ath.cx>,
Oliver Fuchs  <oliverfuchs@onlinehome.de> wrote:
>But to be honost I do not know which programm isusing /etc/ioctl.save.

It's init (process #1). /etc/ioctl.save saves the stty(1) settings
of the console.

This is because originally, Linux and Unix didn't have a way to
specify the console speed, parity etc at bootup which for a serial
console is important. So if you boot single-user mode, at the moment
you leave single-user mode the settings of the console are saved
in /etc/ioctl.conf. The next time you boot and init is started,
it restores the console settings from /etc/ioctl.save

Now today you can set the console speed, bits and parity on the
kernel command line when booting, so it's not all that important
anymore. So in sysvinit-2.85 the ioctl.save code was removed.
Current testing/unstable doesn't have a /etc/ioctl.save anymore.


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