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Re: [OT] Slashdot and media accuracy (was Re: Improved Debian Project Emergency Communications)

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On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 11:53:21AM -0800, Tom wrote:
> OTOH, you have to respect Bill falling for the paper bag types.  I can 
> sure identify...

IIRC, Bill didn't use a paper bag, but rather hid under the desk.
Which begs the question, is the type Bill falls for the "desktop" or
"laptop" variety?  8;o)

> Some other great stories I've heard are Willie Nelson smoking a
> joint on the roof of the whitehouse, the Grateful Dead snorting coke
> in the whitehouse bathroom while the Secret Service were around,

Preface: I was born in 1982, and in my opinion, Clinton is the best
president we've had in my lifetime (don't bother flaming me for this,
you won't change my mind, and Carter was before my time).

Grateful Dead was more weed and LSD.  Coke or weed sounds equally
believable to me with Willie Nelson for some reason.  And I have to
agree with Dana Carvey:  I'm pretty sure the DEA was giving Bill all
the primo weed they were confiscating.  Somewhat indecisive, jogs to
McDonalds...read the clues!

> and Elvis tripping on LSD with Nixon.

I would pay to see that.

> There's a great book out now called "First off the Tee" about all
> the presidents and their golf games.  You'd be surprised how much
> the stereotypes are true.  Kennedy was the best golfer.  Clinton
> cheats like hell on the course and makes you go along with it...
> Saw it on Cspan.

Gotta love Government Access.

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