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Re: Kernel Security Update - 2.2?

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 13:34:24 -0500
David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> wrote:

> "Jacob S." <stormspotter@6texans.net> writes:
> > In other words, I'm trying to figure out how soon I need to learn
> > how to setup iptables to replace my aging ipchains. :-)
> Note that, independent of everything else, you can still use ipchains
> under kernel 2.4; my home gateway machine does this.  Alas, the
> configuration is sufficiently complicated that I actually need to
> learn how it works, rather than just doing something like installing
> the ipmasq package.  :-)

Thanks, David. I tried that originally but couldn't get it working well
enough for things like ftp. So, I've just resorted to using 2.2.19 until
I can make the time to learn iptables.


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