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Re: [OT] port 2896

> ..cat /etc/services |grep " 2896" produced nothing, try
> ' lsof |grep " 2896" ' and ' ps aux |grep " 2896" '.
> ..more ideas?  There is also
> http://www.google.com/search?q=%22port+2896%22+tcp+udp
> suggesting someone is trying to crack your wintendo.  ;-)

What does netstat say? Use -t and -u to show both udp and tcp, -l to filter 
for listening ports, -p to get the pids of the processes and eventually -e 
for a more detailed output (so, for short `netstat -tulpe' - btw. thanks 
to whoever posted this acronym to the list. Speaking german this is pretty 
easy to remember(Tulpe = tulip(the flower) :).

If you are lucky, that should reveal the process listening to that port..


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