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Re: Xterm only -- umlauts, accents in (x)emacs

Matt Price wrote:
> just a note -- accents & umlauts display just fine, and typingthem
> also seems to work fine when xemacs is run without the -nw switch --
> that is, when it opens up its own x-based 'frame' or window.  I can
> also type them from the console.  But in an xterm, emacs seems to
> interpret the characters as control- or meta-keystrokes of some kind.
> Unfortunately I often run emacs over ssh, and xterm is definitely my
> preferred mode.  Any suggestions?  

I am the blind leading the blind, but I have seen references to
'uxterm'.  But when I tried it I saw some undesireable changes in

  man uxterm

Perhaps someone can do better than this lonely suggestion.


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