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Re: DVD playing slow -- dropping frames?

On 30. November 2003 at 4:03PM -0800,
John <bagdanof@comcast.net> wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 05:27:46PM -0500, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> > i'm trying to play DVDs.  i should have the hardware for it
> > -- an AMD Duron 950 MHz; an ATI rage fury pro video card;
> > 512M of RAM.  but, xine and ogle both appear to be dropping
> > frames.

Aside from the DMA issues, it's quite possible you're running the
ATI Rage Pro using the "default" unaccelarated X video driver.
To get hardware accelerated video you need to use "xv" (X Video
Extension).  Is xv enabled for your card?  This might not be the
case if you're using only the official Debian X packages.

To check:

$ xvinfo | grep -i adaptor

Xine also comes with a nice utilitly called "xine-check" which
should give you more comprehensive diagnostics, and other likely
suspects including MTRR (or is it MTTR?).

> > that same thread also suggests that this might be a DMA issue
> > (which VERA seems to define as "digital memory access").  how
> > can i enable
> You are sooo close!  man hdparm & enable dma on your dvd
> player.

You can also try the echo > /proc trick:

# echo using_dma:1 > /proc/ide/hdX/settings

where "hdX" stands for the ide name of your presumably IDE
DVD-ROM drive.  Also works if your drive is under SCSI emulation,
although I haven't tried this under devfs.

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