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Re: Setting text mode in the console

Cruncher wrote:
Anybody know whether and how I can set text modes in the console? I'm running woody, on a Pentium 200 with ATI Mach 64 chipset. I've installed svgalib, svgatextmode and fbset but I can't see how to change my text mode from 80x25. I've put vga=ask in the boot script (or whatever you call it) which gives me available modes - which I can select during the boot process and which work momentarily, but then linux continues to load and resets the mode back to 80x25. Why do I want to do this? I'm running prboom and quakeforge (nq-sdl) in textmode, and I want higher resolution... - C
But you installed SvgaTextMode! It has the ATI Mach64 chipset. So play with the /etc/TextConfig file. The command is "stm". I prefer SvgaTextMode to framebuffers, but sadly it is no longer supported, meaning the newer cards go unsupported.
Especially with Backstreet Ruby stm does very well.
I have posted my TextConfig file here:


As you can see I have set "chipset RIVA128"
and use B124x48 as the mode.

So try "chipset ATIMACH64"

You'll like it...


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