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Re: How to get away with small /var partition

On Fri, Nov 28, 2003 at 02:43:10AM -0500, Walter Dnes wrote:
> 2 => extended partition (the rest of the harddrive)
> 5 => swap   (256 megs)
> 6 => /var   (256 megs)
> 7 => /misc  (the rest of the harddrive)
>   After a virgin install, I log on as root and...
> mv /home /misc/home
> ln -s /misc/home /home
>   What's nice is that when I go to a newer version, I can reformat the
> 1st partition and install the new version.  Then I log on as root and...
> rm -r /home
> ln -s /misc/home /home
>   And I'm back in business.  And since I'm running my machine only for
> me, mutt and slrnpull spool directly to my user dir.
>   My understanding is that Debian loads a whole slew of packages in /var
> during the main install and I need to have at least a gig of space.  Is
> that correct ?  Which directory ?  Is it possible to symlink that
> directory elsewhere ?

/var/cache/apt/archives is where your software package downloads (deb
files) go. I have a seperate partition for this. My /var is about 500mb
but /var/cache/apt/archives is 3gb. I 'mount' /var/cache/apt/archives
under /var by adding the partition entry in my /etc/fstabs, and do not 
use a symlink. There are options to clean out some or all of the deb  
files (the 'clean' option) but I dont use it.
Also, /var/www is the default for html web docuements. SO, consider that
when you make /var. (also if you have an active website, /var/log can
become big)

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