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Re: Any tool for access NTFS partition of damaged hard drive

"Iago Sineiro" <isineiro@iespana.es> wrote in message
>> Hi.
>> I have a hard drive that is damaged and the BIOS can't recognize it. Could I
>> access using some tool of Linux?

"Haioken" wrote:
>Not if the bios can't recognize it.
>There is very few pieces of software in existance that will help you, and
>most of them cost the earth, Such as "Microscope".

That depends on why the BIOS doesn't see it.
If the drive has completely failed, it could be nothing can save it.

But if you're really lucky, the failure is related to the high speed
cable interface.  In that case, BIOS might not see it, but
Linux might do okay.  I have a PC with a particular Award BIOS
version that can't see the hard drive at all.  I boot Linux
from a CD and it works fine.  I used to have a broken 1 GB IBM
drive that no motherboard BIOS could see, but Linux could see
it just fine when it was on a Promise 206xx card.
Linux can see drives that some BIOSes can't.

First, turn *off* automatic drive detection and sizing in the BIOS.
Define the drive manually.  Otherwise the BIOS might turn off
the interface in ways Linux doesn't know how to turn back on.
If you've been using an 80-conductor cable, try a 40-conductor
cable.  That will eliminate the Ultra-DMA 66/100/133 operating
modes.  If you've got another drive on that cable, move the
bad drive to its own cable.


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