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Re: Recognizing URL's in Mutt

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 07:00:34AM -0500, Michael W. Cole wrote:
> I am using mutt with vim as the editor.  I have seen in the past where
> the url's on a line in xterm will be underlined when the mouse moves
> over it.  You could then double click the mouse and the web browser
> would open that url.  How, what, where can I look, do, read to
> understand how to implement this behavior in mutt, vim, xterm etc.
> BTW, my xterm is not performing this behavior now.  
> Michael

no idea how you deal with url's in vim or xterm, but in mutt you can use
urlview (you'll need to apt-get install it) to extract url's and fire up
a browser. there's some config involved; the best way to get the details
is press f1 while in mutt, and then /urlview. once you've done the
config, you hit ^b, while in mutt's pager,  to activate urlview.


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