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Windows app interfacing with linux box..

Hi all!

I'm developing a windows managment interface for my email server,
I'm using dephi so that at a later date I port to Kylix and run the linux

Adding user and domain' etc no probem thay are all database driven.

Problem is interacting with the log files (tail'ing and grep'ing), and
doing directory maintanance, etc.

I have to solutions to the problem, but need help with both.

1. use delphi components & or source code to interact via ssh. But the
only compnents i have found have a $ price tag and i'm doing this on a 0
bugget. I found source code that uses plink - when exicuting single
instruction's it works fine but when try into tail -f a log file it lockup
the application, i think this is due tot the fact the plink locks the
spool file that the ap uese to display the result .. Unfortunetly u don't
understand the code on a line by line bases so this makes it difficult to
debug, restructure.. Would someone be willing to do a line by line
explination  for me if i email it to them..

2. is to exicute the commands via http, but is would intail server side
scripts, i wish to avoide having to many links that my ap may depend on ..
I found a php script for tailing log files but it doesn't seem to work ..
Any ideas welcome ..

Many thanks for you time.

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