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Re: xterm ignores Xresources when run as x-terminal-emulator

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 02:32:36PM +0200, Micha Feigin wrote:
| I set up some setting for xterm in .Xresources as
| xterm.foreground=white
| ...
| when running xterm this works fine, when running x-terminal-emulater
| when it is pointing to xterm this doesn't work and the same lines for
| x-terminal-emulator doesn't seem to help.
| how do I set the Xresources for x-terminal-emulator ?

Use the right name.

I don't recall where I read this (it's on my machine or the web
somewhere) but the way Xresources work is as follows :

First, resource names are case-sensitive.

    XTerm*VT100*background:  black
    XTerm.VT100.background:  black
    xterm*VT100*background:  black

XTerm refers to the widget type.  xterm is the program name.  '*' is a
loose binding, '.' is a tight binding.  (IIRC, but it may be the other
way around)  This is significant when items are nested.  For example,
if there was a "foo" component in between the XTerm component and the
VT100 component, the second example above would apply only to the
XTerm.VT100 component, not the XTerm.foo.VT100 component, however the
loose binding in the first example would.

Without seeing what you tried to set for the resources, I'd venture a
guess that you used 'xterm' instead of 'XTerm' and that's why you're
seeing different behavior when it is run in different ways.  Note that
that is a feature, not a bug.  Perhaps you _want_ some aspect to
differ, and these semantics with the X resources allows you to do


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