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Re: Workspace/desktop switching

on Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 01:19:41AM -0600, Alex Malinovich (demonbane@the-love-shack.net) wrote:

> I've been seeing a lot of discussions about various WM's lately, and
> everyone seems to be extremely concerned about easy workspace
> switching.  I'm just wondering what exactly everyone uses workspaces
> for? Every once in a while, if I'm doing two things at once that each
> require 5 windows a piece, I'll use two desktops/workspaces, but I
> don't think I've ever really gone over that. That leads me to believe
> that there's some unrealized benefit that I'm missing out on. So what
> do you use your workspaces for, and why are they so important?

Task separation.

 - Local system admin
 - Mail (multiple mutt windows)
 - General websurfing, chat.
 - Office apps.
 - Programming.
 - Multiple remote system access (half dozen systems, terminal open to
 - Programming work.
 - Other task-specific work.

As with others:  I can keep windows open, don't need to keep shutting
stuff down, avoid distractions (IRC/chat is only open on a single
window).  I know "where" to go to do a specific task.  If necessary, a
specific window can be "pinned" for access from multiple desktops.
Overall:  keeps my workspace organized, minimizes clutter, keeps me from
jumping hoops to get things done, maximizes use of real estate on a
given workspace.

My own desktop migration:  tvm => mwm => HP VUE => Sun CDE => fvwm =>

I've tried pretty much all the currently available GNU/Linux desktops,
like to see what's available / what they offer, am happy with what I


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