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Re: Backup question

hi victor

On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Victory wrote:

> Hi All,
> I want to back up some directories  on Debian machine 
> to Windows XP CDRW, I want to do it from Windows XP machine
> I have CDRW with Roxio Easy CD Creator software on Windows XP.

i assume you're saying you dont know how to get data from deb to xp

- if you're using ntfs on your xp box...  you're s.o.l ...
	linux cant safely and reliably write data to ntfs 

- if you're running vfat on the xp box ... ( good and bad idea )
	- create c:\DataFromDebian
	- copy all your /home/victor stuff to c:\DataFromDebian
		( pick your poison for which way to do that

		( or whatever various ways w/ the right syntax )
		- debian# mount \\winXP:\DataFromDebian /mnt/XP
		- debian# cp -par /home/victor /mnt/XP

- move the cdrw drive to the debian box ... and you're done ...
  ( assuming the cdrw is a supported drive )

	use whatever process/tools/proceedure you want to
	write data to the cdrw on the debian box


c ya

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