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Re: Another Clock for my Gnome?

on Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 05:25:02AM +1100, Phillipus Gunawan (mr_phillipus@yahoo.com) wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to change the 'look-and-feel' of my clock (usually at the very
> right Gnome taskbar) what package(s) I should download from apt-get? Or,
> can I choose the 'model' somewhere on the web?
> And... how to change date and time from Gnome? When I right-click and
> choose 'Adjust Date & Time', I got error: "Failed to locate a program
> for configuring the date and time. Perhaps none is installed?" What
> package should I install then?

   apt-get install ntpdate ntp

...both set the time automatically over the network from a timeserver.
Typically your ISP runs one, though they're often not advertised.  There
are also public timeservers, the documentation with these packages tells
you how to use this.

In my case, my ISP is based on the merger of several regional ISPs.  I
found a timeserver via a shell hack:

  $ for h in time.{netcom,mindspring,earthlink}.{net,com}; do host $h; done

...which turned up 

    time.mindspring.com is an alias for brickbat0.mindspring.com.


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