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Re: How to start a user process on boot?

> > I want to start a p2p program while booting. I tried to write a script=20
> > for /etc/init.d it works but only as root.
> > I want the program starting as a user process (for security reasons).
> >=20
> > How can root start automatically a process as a user?
> Beside using start-stop-daemon, su or sudo, you could just use cron. As
> the user run "crontab -e" and use @reboot as time argument.
> Yours sincerely,
>   Alexander

I tried doing this with @reboot in all the time arguments and in just the
minutes.  When I reboot, neither way works.  How exactly do I put @reboot in
the crontab?  Could you give me an example, please?

Here is what I have currently:

@reboot *       *       *       *    fahstart

'fahstart' is what I normally type to get Folding@Home going. It's a little
script in ~/bin.


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