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ReiserFS => corrupted files after lockup

I've had this problem some days before only I didn't know exactly what it
was :

I don't know why this keeps happening to me, but my computer freezed (for
a reason that I don't know) and from that moment it keeps locking. I found
out that this was due to a corrupted file problem that I had. Before the
first lock up, a program was a accessing a particular file. After reboot,
whenever I launch this program, it tries after a little while to access
this file and my computer hangs (completely, nothing to do about it, I
haven't yet enabled the ATL+PrintScreen "shortcut"). I made a ls in the
directory, I got something like "<filename> : no permission". I logged in
as root, same problem.

After my small adventure (see link above) I know now what to do, and have
(this time) the tools to do it. (if u read the discussion above, I decided
to reinstall so now I have three partitions /var /home and /). The
problematic file is in /home. I have the reiserfs tools in / so I'll try
later tonight to see what I can do (don't have my pc here...).

There are 2 things I would like to know :

1) Why is this ever happening ? Aren't journaling fs supposed to be
preventing such things instead of causing them ? I read something (in the
kernel-source-2.4.22 bug report page, where a user with JFS had the same
problem (I've posted mine there too, since I think it must be a serious
bug)) about flushing the journal, what is this exactly ?

2) Is there anything I can do for this ? Upgrading to a higher version of
the kernel (2.4.22-3 now, maybe try 2.4.22-?? the last stable one from
kernel.org) ?

Thanks in advance

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