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Re: Question about debian-update-3.0r1-i386.iso

Hello Barry!

On Tue, Nov 11, 2003 at 04:55:08PM -0500, Barry Skidmore wrote:
I am getting ready to do a new install of Debian woody from iso's, and
just downloaded the first three.  In addition, I noted that there is an
iso named: debian-update-3.0r1-i386.iso

Do I need this, or is this iso what is used to update from an earlier
version of Debian?

You'll need this if you want to update from 3.0r0 to 3.0r1.

This and other questions are answered in

Especially see 'Which of the numerous CD images should I download? Do
I need all of them?' and 'What are the "update" CDs?', and please
consider using jigdo in the future, just in case you didn't ;)


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