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I wanted to install bugzilla.. But the apt-get isntall bugzilla, stays
in preconfigure state. It's now runnin gfor 2 week and i don't expect
it to finish anymore.
All packages that are preconditions are installed properly.
I use a stable debian with the exception that i got al unstable
packages needed for the svn_mod/apache2 subtree.

I suppose it got problems with the apache2.

Is there any alternativ way i can try to install bugzilla?

( I got nearly no knowledge about linux, but some decent knowledge
about compiler and general os theory. )

I only need a stable system running the following:
- svn/apache2 (different port if it has to) (working atm)
- bugzila server (not installable, hangs up preconfigure)
- php3+/apache2 would be nice but not important (doesn't exist)
- dnsmasq would be nice but not important (working atm)

Which Installation procedure is most efficient to get this running. A
complete reinstall is an option if it's faster than using 2 days for

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