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Re: RAID Failure

hi ya rus

On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Florian Reitmeir wrote:

> On Son, 09 Nov 2003, Rus Foster wrote:
> > > pull out hdc ... you have a definite dead drive
> > > adn see if the system still works with your hda drive
> > > sicne its supposed to be mirrored
> > The reason I want to fail the disk is that the machine is 3000 miles away
> > and I can't get anyone on site ATM

you can also spin down the disks w/ hdparm 

and if you looked at your config files... both disk is config'd (?) B as
bad so what ya know ... its gonna do wierd stuff...

> tried the use of the package "mdadm", if think its better than the raidtools, 
> there you only have to
> 	mdadm --set-faulty <raidname> --set-faulty <device>
> No config file is requried.

yes ... better way to do it

c ya

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