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Re: Partitioning

on Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 09:30:37AM +0100, Andreas Janssen (andreas.janssen@bigfoot.com) wrote:
> Hello
> Chema (<chema.news.gmane@zarco.cjb.net>) wrote:
> > But there is also another view that I have not seen mentioned: in
> > serious servers, you can also "freeze" the most static parts of your
> > system, namely /bin, /sbin and /usr.  This means mounting them
> > read-only.
> That sounds like you want to put /bin and /sbin on it's own partition.
> How exactly are you going to do that, if even the mount command itself
> is in /bin? By keeping local copies in the /bin directory on the /
> partition? Or do you mount / ro (which is also somehow problematic
> because some files there are regularly written to, for example mtab)?

There's been a periodic discussion of this issue in d-d.

Note specifically:  bootable CDROM distributions solve this problem by a
number of means.  One is to use a RAM filesystem for root, another is to
use an immutable root but symlink /etc and parts of /dev elsewhere.

The problem is addressable, but not entirely cleanly.  Working
implementations exist.


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