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A set of debs is the result of a group of developers gathering upstream 
sources, gathering patches from sundry sources, and making decisions on 
whats useful and what's not.

It sure would be useful if the "raw information" the developers use to 
make their decision, along with their opinions about that information, 
was placed into a registry for me to peruse, rather than the end product 
of that decision.

Kind of like I can do now with debs but at a much finer grained level, 
and with a place in the world for wacky ideas, because no gatekeeper has 
to decide what to do "for the greater good."

Does Gentoo provide a comprehensive, selective, source and patch 
clearinghouse?  It seems like there are gatekeeper roles there as well.

I'm not saying gatekeepers are useless; far from it, I'd accept their 
advice most of the time, but it would be nice to be able to make the 
final decision myself.

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