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Re: Crash in fork.c on everything = install hosed

On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 19:42:08 -0500,
Mental Patient wrote:


> Last time I broke libc, I fixed it by booting off my rescue
> (knoppix) cd.  Mounted all the filesystems under
> /mnt/debian. It looked like
> /mnt/debian
> /mnt/debian/boot
> /mnt/debian/usr
> /mnt/debian/var
> etc...
> I used knoppix to download the libc6 deb and copied it to the root 
> filesystem (/mnt/debian) of the hosed installation.
> I then cd'd into /mnt/debian and did the following: ar x
> PACKAGE.deb That left 2 files, data.tar.gz and
> control.tar.gz. I untared data.tar.gz and rebooted.

Does knoppix come with a working dpkg?  If it does you can also
you dpkg -x PACKAGE.deb target_directory

> It worked, I was fine. Just to be sure, I did an apt-get
> --reinstall install libc6 to make sure everything was updated
> (package info, control scripts, etc).

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