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RE: Mail setup for new user in Debian

Hi Rob,

Had to get an expert in to save the day (should have done this in the
1st place..)

It turns out that the mail host required FQD email logins for it to work
(recent change) and since this wasn’t the case it was failing on login
to the internet provider. Also, the internet provider was configured not
for a catchall account as was initially expected but separate email

Confusion all round until someone divulged the right information! Not
only that but plenty of old information in the fetchmailrc config file.
I was on the right track... 

Thanks Rob and Debian-userlist. I will stay away from unix, stick with
windows/hardware and bring in my expert from now on! It was a dream to
see him do the work this time (even though I didn’t make any money this
time!) lol

Thanks again,

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On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 09:01:14AM +1000, Jason Binder said
> Hi userlist,
> First time here and even unsure if this is a mailing list so my 
> apologies to all.
> We have just recently taken over a clients computer support that has a

> debian unix box running squid and mail.
> My problem is this; I dont know unix that well and unsure how the mail

> setup works.
> It looks as if they use fetchmail and

Ok.  fetchmail is a program which downloads mail via POP or IMAP from a
remote mail server and then distributes it to your local users.

> They have a new user being added to the network and I am trying to 
> create a mailbox that works.
> So far I can done this;
> Create the user by using 'adduser' command (no parameters used)

This depends on how the mail system is setup.  In the simplest (and
default) setups, this will work.  However, other setups may be
configured completely differently.

You can test this fairly simply:

1) add a new user with "adduser".

2) run "tail -f /var/log/mail.log" in a terminal.  This will "tail" the
   mail log, showing you things as they happen.

3) run 'mail -s "this is a test email" username_you_just_created',
   without the ' quotes, but with the " ones.

You should see a line scroll by which mentions the user you just added.
If things don't just work then, sending the list that line (and a few up
and down) would be quite handy.

> Modify aliases file and run newaliases to compile to database file. 
> reboot unix to restart processes

You won't ever need to reboot this machine for such a minor
configuration change.

> configured Windows XP client (outlook) to talk to the unix box. can 
> receive internal mail aok and outbound works. Inbound comes up with a 
> bounce of unknown user.

Hm, that sounds strange.  Is the remote box that actually receives mail
(the one fetchmail is talking to) accepting mail for your new address?

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