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aptitude and dependency handling


I'm running a woody system with backports of Gnome2 and OpenOffice.
And I noticed that Aptitude has at times a strange way of handling

When browsing the packages, I regularly find unmet dependencies.
Well, not exactly dependencies but packages labeled 'recommended' or
'suggested'. This although I told aptitude to 'get it all' 

In the first cases I noticed, there were several choices available. So I
presumed that aptitude, not knowing what to do, just left it as it was.
But in the mean time I've stumbled across several cases where there
would be only one package to provide the recommendation/suggestion.

I didn't keep notes -- but mozilla-psm was one I had to fetch manually,
another case I had often was <package-name>-doc.

As in many cases the usability of my system increased a lot by
installing them, I wonder wether there is a way to turn this off, or at
least to get a list of all required/recommended/suggested packages that
were not installed.

Another issue while I'm at it, though not aptitude-related as I think:
after installing a new package, sometimes the manpage is not available
until I run mandb myself. How to fix this?


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