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Re: Crash in fork.c on everything = install hosed

"Malcolm Box" <malcolm@brownale.demon.co.uk> writes:
> Paul Scott wrote:
>> Malcolm Box wrote:
>> <snip symptoms>
>>> Near as I can tell, this is an assertion somewhere in the bowels of
>>> libc - a nasty place for things to go wrong.  The error seems to be
>>> affecting anything trying to do certain type of fork() operations.
>>> Among others, it has taken out apt-get and dpkg :-(
>> I just posted the same thing two days ago.
>> Thanks to Jacob Lell.  Bug 218546.
>> It's fixed in the latest libc6.
> OK, that looks like it might fix things.  But can anyone tell me how
> to get the new version onto my machine given that both dpkg & apt-get
> don't work at the moment?  Is there some way to manually unpack the
> files from the .deb into the right places?

I've never done it, but there's nothing magical about *.deb
files. They're simple "ar" archive files, usually containing a
data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz file, among other things. For your
purposes you could try and untar the data.tar.gz file, which would
contain the actually libc binaries and go from there.


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