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Re: Installation doesn't recognise my extended partition

In the end I managed to manually mount the partition, and since then the
Debian installation system has been able to see all my Linux partitions. Very
strange! Really the installation program ought to be able to detect whatever
partitions the Debian system can, both for consistency and to save people

On Sunday 02 Nov 2003 7:42 pm, David Jarvie wrote:
> I am trying to install Debian (version 3.0) for the first time. I already
> have another Linux system installed on logical partitions within an
> extended partition (on an Athlon system), and have created a new logical
> partition to install Debian into. But when I run the installation CD, it
> sees but fails to recognise the extended partition, and therefore doesn't
> see the logical partitions within it. The reason is, I think, that the
> extended partition has a partition type of 0x0f rather than 0x05 which
> appears to be the standard code for an extended partition. (The partitions
> were created by System Commander.)
> How can I make the installation program see my logical partitions? Can I
> patch and rebuild a program in the installation CD, and recreate the CD? Or
> alternatively, how could I change the partition type code from 0x0f to 0x05
> without losing any of the data on the partitions?
> --
> David Jarvie.

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