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Re: Microsoft good press over Longhorn

Onc Sun, 2 Nov 2003 18:49:23 +0000,
Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 07:36:36AM +0800, csj wrote:
> > I've stumbled upon the free (BSD-style license) shooter Cube
> > <http://wouter.fov120.com/cube/>.  Have any frag freaks here
> > tried it?  It seems fast enough for my mediocre video card.  Just
> > wondering why there isn't a Debian package for it.
> It wasn't originally DFSG compatible... it has been around for
> a while but has always been an 'underdog' sort-of game.

Many of the free games available in main will give you the same
feeling when compared with commercially developed games like
Quake and cousins.  All I'm looking for is a first person
perspective game that doesn't strap you on to a seat (e.g. gltron
and flightgear).

> The author Aardappel has many interesting works for doom and
> quake, as well as an impressive list of programming languages
> under his belt.
> I'm hoping it will be packaged soon, although I don't think
> much has been done to it in a while.

Kind of reminds you of a certain highly stable GNU/Linuxdistro?
Really, there are tons of DOS or Win 3.1 era games that are
infinitely more fun than the latest 3D fragfest.  Right now I'm
trying out the freeware "beneath-a-steel-sky" (I wonder how it
made it into main).

> However I suppose with a larger audience...
> If I can find some free time I may package it and have it
> sponsored.


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