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Re: stability of libc6-i686?

csj <csj@zapo.net> writes:

> On Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:33:34 -0700,
> Monique Y. Herman wrote:
>> Unstable has a new package available: libc6-i686.  Apparently
>> libc6 optimized for the 686 architecture.  Now, this sounds
>> attractive to me, but the package warns of commercial apps
>> potentially blowing chunks.  IBM's jdk is specifically called
>> out for this.
>> Does it seem fairly safe to go ahead and install this?  If the
>> problem is only with commercial apps, it shouldn't crash my
>> system or anything, right?
> To add to the question: Is it safe to build this (and still be
> able to build third-party free or almost free software like
> MPlayer or the DRI XF86 fork)?  I see a massive build-dependency
> on something called linux-kernel-headers.

You might see the discussion on debian-devel about this.  (Quick
summary: the "dependency" has always been there, but now the
kernel-headers-used-by-libc are in a separate package.)  Reading
debian-devel (or at least skimming it) isn't a bad idea if you're
tracking unstable.

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