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Re: Hyper Threading

Rob Weir wrote:

Hello, which woody kernel supports Hyper Threading? I've read somewhere
that 2.4+ kernels support this feature but how? Is a SMP build
Yes, thought 2.6 will do smarter things with it.  You also require APIC
and/or ACPI support, no doubt google has the details.

What is it for?

How does linux support HT, dual processor style (like e.g.
Win2000) or natively (like e.g. WinXP)?
What does "natively" mean in this context?

Well, I'm not /that/ versed in hardware issues, but both Win2000 and WinXP see the CPU as being 2 CPUs - but the system under WinXP is actually much faster. In M$.Win2000.Hardware I was told that it's because Win2000 does not support HT "natively" - it just sees it as 2 processors, whereas XP knows the difference. I dunno whether it's just a compile optimization or you actually need code to take full advantage of the feature. It would make sense, though, given the difference in speed. It's hard to compare with Debian, since it doesn't support half of my hardware (including MB chipset, SATA and Radeon videocard... :-()


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