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Re: kernel-2.6.0-test9 compile issue

On Sun, 02 Nov 2003 11:17:04 -0600
David Meiser <dmeiser@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Hello, I am running a system where my main hdd is an external SCSI HDD 
> on an Adaptec AIC7881-U. In the 2.4.xx series kernel, I haven't had any 
> problems compiling, installing, or booting this hard drive. Recently, I 
> decided to give the 2.6.0-test series a try, so I downloaded the source 
> (via apt, of course), and tried to compile the kernel with these
> options:

I don't have any SCSI HDD, but maybe your SCSI driver isn't ready yet in
2.6?. In post-halloween-2.6.txt
(http://www.codemonkey.org.uk/docs/post-halloween-2.6.txt) you can find
these lines:

(Updated as of 2.6.0test9)

- Various SCSI drivers still need work, and don't even compile.

By the way, anyone using 2.6.0-testX on VIA686[AB] chipset? I have some
troubles with IDE preformance.

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