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Re: Hyper Threading

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 11:41:08AM +0100, Marco Cecconi wrote:
> Hello, which woody kernel supports Hyper Threading? I've read somewhere 
> that 2.4+ kernels support this feature but how? Is a SMP build 
> sufficient? How does linux support HT, dual processor style (like e.g. 
> Win2000) or natively (like e.g. WinXP)?

I'm using 2.4.22 on some dual P4 Xeon systems, and /proc/cpuinfo reports
there being 4 cpus.  I haven't done any benchmarking to determine if
there's really any benefit to hyperthreading in normal usage.  Building
the kernel with -j4 was faster than with -j2, but it's been a while
since I ran the same test on a non-hyperthreaded dual CPU system.  It's
possible that it would be faster even without the hyperthreading.

I don't recall doing anything special to enable support for
hyperthreading.  The kernel is built for the P4 architecture and SMB
support is compiled in.


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