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Bootsplash in Debian

Hello All
I am trying to get a splash screen while booting into my Debian Sarge
box. I found instructions at:
and have followed them (almost) to the letter. The kernel has been
patched, images and initrd in place, etc etc but I don't get a splash
screen. No errors in dmesg, no problems booting, just no splash. I have
followed the instructions as per the page apart from one seemingly minor
detail: instead of booting with vga=791 as a kernel parameter, I boot
with vga=773, which uses the same resolution but a lower colour depth
(as my laptop only supports 1 MB video while booting). 
Are there any debian users who've had experience or success with
bootsplash, perhaps following different instructions to these? Does
anyone know if the vga= line could be my point-of-failure?

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