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Re: hotplug netwotk interfaces

On Sat, Nov 01, 2003 at 04:41:57PM +0100, Raffaele Sandrini wrote:
> Hi
> Is it somehow possible to enable a kind of hotplug with the debian
> interfaces system?

Please read new Thomas Hood's guides.  (This is not my writing.)


> Second case: wireless card. If we have a pcmcia wireless card and plug
> it into a running system a new interface is created. Is there a method
> to let the debian interface system react on that? 

> As soon as i plug in
> my wireless card it should set it up and gather an IP via dhcp. I cant
> just enter that device into the interfaces file because it does not
> exist while the card is not pluged in.

I think you also has to learm resolvconf too.

> cheers, Raffaele -- Raffaele Sandrini <rasa@gmx.ch> Annoyed about M$
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