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Cardbus eth0: "no route to host" after sid upgrade


after a vacation, I upgraded sid on my laptop. After pulling in 3 week's
worth of upgrades, I lost ethernet connectivity, and for the life of me
can't figure out what went wrong. Nothing changed in the network's

I have a cardbus ethernet card in my laptop. It is connected to a little
hub. The hub's LEDs light up when it is plugged in. The gateway,, is connected to a pppoe internet link and is the only other
machine currently on the network. The laptop's eth0 is ifup'ped and
ifdown'ed by hotplug via a mapping stanza in /etc/networking/interfaces:
mapping hotplug
	script /bin/grep
	map eth0

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static

The only strange thing I notice is that upon hotplug startup I get:
Starting hotplug subsystem: input** can't synthesize input events -
/proc/bus/input/devices missing
pci** can't synthesize pci hotplug events

This sure looks suspicious to me, since cardbus is managed as a pci
device AFAIK. But the interface seems to come up normally, the modules
are found, the driver loads. Also, the LEDs on the card connector light

Since the upgrade, I can't connect to the gateway anymore (neither using
the name nor the IP): ssh tells me "no route to host", ping returns

route -n on the laptop,, gives me
Kernel IP routing table
Destination  Gateway     Genmask       Flags Metric Ref Use Iface U     0	    0   0   eth0       UG    0      0   0   eth0

To me everything looks ok, I'd appreciate any hints.
Regards, Mario

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