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Re: upgrade->dead system, help.


Backing up is always a wise thing, won't argue there:)
But i didn't do anything drastic, as i mentioned in another reply
this kernel has been running stable for weeks/months.
I didn't change a thing except for running a dselect update
and letting it install the packages which needed updating.
Something i, and i assume most others runnig SID, do every


At 09:59 1-11-2003 -0600, you wrote:
In the future:
Get sufficient disk space - HDD's certainly are cheap now.
Get partimage and save your partition to disk before doing drastic things.
I run 5 Debian partitions and on the current one with Backstreet Ruby, the multiseat-Linux, I wanted to see if openoffice would read pdf files.
But if not, then I don't want it.
So I saved the partition, apt-getted openoffice.org, tested it and restored the saved partition.


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