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NVIDIA driver install

The kernel header installation went very well. So that is AOK.
The nvidia driver installation and I are having a problem commuciating.  The
NVIDIA source was placed in /install/nforce. It is a .run file provided by
nvidia and provides several drivers for all nvidia chipsets. So I cd
sh ./*
The program runs as it should.  It trys to download a complied pkg.  Cant
because of DNS error.  Then attempts to compile its own package.  Cant find
header files (not unexpected) and suggests that I tell it where the header
files are via --kernel-path-to-header option. So I tryed:
sh --kernel-path-to-header /install/header ./* .  (that didnt work). I tryed
various ways but nothing. I wounder if the correct way is:
sh ./* --kernel-path-to-header /install/header

Any ideas?

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