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Re: can you help me?

On Sat, 2003-11-01 at 07:11, Joel Goodin wrote:
> debian?,
> it seemed like you might have some christian values
> from what i saw on a forum on the net.

Some of us do.  Not Debian as an organisation, except insofar as the
ideal of free software is compatible with Christian ideas of community. 
Other members of Debian would get very cross at the very idea of having
Christian values!

>   i am not
> completely illiterate with computers, but still could
> use some help in finding a way, if possible to
> restrict my search on the net, so that my computer
> will not accept certain words that i might type in
> during a lapse in my moral stability.  understand? :) 
> if you have any ideas for ways to protect myself from
> temptation, please e-mail back.  i want to find
> something that won't restrict me from sites that i
> would feel are ok.  maybe just words that i couldn't
> type in and get a response from search engines. 
> ideas?  i would appreciate help.  

You can install web proxies such as privoxy.  It has a demonstration
filter called crude-parental which you could expand on.

There is also a package in the unstable release called dansguardian,
which seems to do almost exactly what you want.  The upstream site is

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