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Re: Kernel panic, desperate help needed.

Greg Folkert wrote:
[snip ksymoops]

Warning: Gut reactions have come forth, please be aware that your
feeling MAY be hurt.

Okay, I think I see an ID10T error afloat here.

Re-Install the latest kernel (the one you are running), but before you
do move the modules dir to <dir>.old

Then re-run lilo -v if used....

You have caused your own problem... Installed an updated kernel on-top
of an existing kernel with the same name. Without rebooting.

You gotta re-boot on things like this.

Well you jump to conclusions easily, but checked it just to be sure anyway. Wouldn't depmod start complaining about this or at least the dates on the module files differ??? The machine had it's previous non-oops reboot on the eight of October. Its kernel was upgraded when the last security advisory was released.(14-8-03 if i'm correct) The kernel was upgraded according instructions and was rebooted.

So NO this cannot be the case. Any other suggestions?


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