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disappearing wallpaper

It's not a big thing but my wallpaper disappeared after I
"upgraded" to Gnome 2.4.  I'm not using Gnome proper but simply
running the "gnome-settings-daemon" as part of my fluxbox GDM
session file:

# /etc/gdm/Sessions/fluxbox

export LANG="en_US.UTF-8"
gnome-settings-daemon &
wmCalClock &
wmMoonClock &
wmppp &
asmon -e gnome-system-monitor -u &
source ~/.01_Fluxbox_User_Extra_Options
exec /etc/X11/Xsession /usr/bin/fluxbox

This setup has worked reasonably well until the latest Gnome 2.4
updates.  Gnome 2.4 settings other than the wallpaper (configured
by "gnome-background-properties") appears to be unaffected,
e.g. the size of the menu fonts in The Gimp or Gnome terminal.

What's surprising is that if I run "gnome-background-properties"
and so much as change an option (even if I don't change the
wallpaper itself), the wallpaper reappears!  I suspect
"gnome-background-properties" is passing behind my back some
"magic" options to some "magic" Gnome process.  Otherwise there's
no significant difference in the output of "ps ax" before and
after running "gnome-background-properties".

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